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(because Dads are special too)

These pages will offer an insight from a dad's perspective. Often the father can be left behind in dealing with the news that their child has Down Syndrome and also they face different challenges - how to tell their friends, people at work, and how to support their wife and child.

These pages are written by various dads that have gone through the same rollercoaster of emotions. Hopefully these stories will help all parents (new and old alike), and we invite you all to celebrate in the many wonderful moments and individual milestones our children reach.

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Down Syndrome? More like Up Syndrome

We all know where the name Down Syndrome came from, but in my eyes, there is nothing Down about these kids. In fact it's all Up!!!

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Well worth a read

Every once in a while you come across a right nugget in the internet world.

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Down Syndrome Awareness Week March 2019

Down Syndrome Awareness Week is 18th-24th March 2019.  Find out about our celebrations and how you can get involved by having a look here.

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