Happy Feet, Sad Feet

Happy Feet, Sad Feet

This week marks an important milestone in our child's development - dance class!!

Sorry were you expecting, language development, numeracy, or perhaps even coordination. I find all my daughter's milestones a cause for celebration. So in this case Dance Class is up there with being able to count (albeit it to 2 at the moment).

I always thought our child would develop, but would be capped at a certain point, probably due to the neighsayers out there. We are way past that certain point I had in mind - just to show you don't have misconceptions about these kids. With the right support and patience, they'll amaze you!

Ok so how was Dance Class. Well we had our reservations at first, really because grace and posture aren't a family trait that we have, but nonetheless, we thought we'd give it a go. You'll come to realise that these child activities happen an ungodly hours - this one is at 9.30 in the morning, on a Sunday. It's a different world.

So in we trooped hand in hand, all new to this dance thing, and she sat down well after promptly introducing herself to everyone. I took my place on the bench with the other parents.

Well, did she not just take to it like a duck to water - (complete with her own waddle). She was pointing toes, holding hands, clapping and getting "jiggy with it" to the many Disney(TM) tunes that were played.

So now her social activity grows. But next time Downright Special Mum will be taking her!!!

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