Blowing out the candles

Blowing out the candles

Well another milestone in our house as our daughter reached her 3rd birthday.

When our daughter was first born, I treated milestones as something to compare our child with others on the things she couldn't do. I'd get totally hung up on what other kids at the party would be able to do and how she wouldn't.

It took a while for that to change. I'd be lying to say that even now I look at other kids at the same age and compare, but what's different now is that it occurs less often. What's changed? I reckon it's my acceptance that all kids develop at different rates. Riding a bike or swimming for example, I know adults that can yet do either (or in some cases both!)

This birthday was awesome though, whether it was her attempting to blow the candles out, or the giddyness at the presents, I dunno. Either way an excellent birthday was had by all - more to the point I never had to tidy up the mess!!

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