The internet... a dangerous place

The internet... a dangerous place

Ok so what was the first thing you did when you received the "news". That's right looked it up on the internet!!

It's a scary place the internet. It's full of opinions, speculation, hearsay and worse. Often we treat these as fact, and that's why it's so potent.

I remember the information I happened upon, and it did literally reduce me to tears. My child wouldn't live beyond 30, they wouldn't go to mainstream school, one of us would have to give up work, to get a job i would have to write a CV for them, including when they needed toilet breaks and the like.

This shook me to my core, I can honestly say I was at my lowest after my google session on Down Syndrome.

So how did I get over it? It's easy to say disregard it, forget about it. But it does play on your mind.

I started to come to terms with the whole "news" by one of the few shining lights I had in the medical profession that my daughter seen. His view was simple "Why worry about things that far in advance. Consider the here and now. You have a beautiful baby that needs you now to be all those things that you want to be for her" Going on he also pointed out "why worry about these things - you are not worrying about this for your other children. They could join the army at 16, and meet their end shortly after service. You don't consider these thoughts, so why the ones for your new baby"

So, the internet, use it, (otherwise how else would you read these blogs), but acknowledge that the views held therein are often outdated, unapplicable or just plain wrong! There are some real nuggets out there that will inspire you - (we'll try to link them here), but there are some areas, best avoided

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