Inspired by a JLS fan

Inspired by a JLS fan

I'm as amazed by this title by you, I would never thought I would admire someone who liked JLS. Until this week, when I met a certain brave young woman.

As part of the Down Syndrome Association's campaign for "tell it right", I was invited along to share stories with some healthcare professionals. A really informative and rewarding day.

I wasn't prepared however for a this 17 year old who had prepared and delivered a presentation. A 17 year old delivering a presentation to a room full of 40-45 health care professionals is an achievement in itself!!! ( I know some 30 year olds that would struggle). This young lady delivered her life story to the room, with clarity, humour and emotion. It really blew me away.

She told of how she went to mainstream primary school, her out of school clubs, her stage productions at secondary school (with leading roles), even her auditions in London for BBC adaptations of a Jaqueline Wilson story. She went on to tell of her career hopes, and how with the vision and opportunity by one employer, she is now on that path.

No big deal? Well this young lady has Down's Syndrome. It blew away all my misconceptions of the limits that society, peers or even myself hold. If you set your mind to it, you can achieve it!!

To this JLS fan (hope you read this), your courage and dedication is truly outstanding. I hold your story in high regard and am proud to identify you as a great role model for my daughter. I hope she turns out just like you. WELL DONE!!

And if JLS are reading this, any chance she could get a backstage pass at the KC Stadium???

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